是济南市工商管理局注册的正规装饰公司。作为一家专业性从事室内装饰设计与施工的企业,目标定位于低、中、高档装饰。 公司拥有优秀的管理和设计人员,积极引用国内外先进的质量管理体系,不断提高管理水平及工程施工工艺水平,及时将市场上先进的施工技术引进到每个工程中,做到不仅为顾客提供一流的设计,还为顾客提供保证施工质量的有效措施,使其施工既有程序化又是有标准化。 公司现有20多名施工人员,他们都曾在北京、天津、西安、南京及合肥等不同地区大中型正规装饰公司工作近20年,他们走南闯北,积累了丰富的居室设计与施工经验,有力的保证了你家施工质量。 展开 公司地址:济南市天桥区堤口路120号万盛园小区B区7-1-402 (邮编:250031) 地图 公司官网:http://www.jnqihang.com
We, THE ABC IND LIMITED., lies in Shenzhen's Special Economics Zone,which back by mountains and faces the sea. Shenzhen boarders Hong Kong and has become an important base for Chinese high-tech industry, foreign exportation and the manufacturing and producing of electronics for the entire country, using advanced technologies and taking advantage of the favored policies provided by the state to the region. And our factory is located in the Chenghai area of Shantou City. With have beautiful views and convenient transportation. We are close to the 324 national highway that is only 6 kilometers from the Shantou international airport, and only 15 kilometers far from the international container shipping ports. We welcome all visits from prospective customers! We are the major manufacturer and exporter in mainland China. Our products range amount more than 200 items in various categories for buyer’s selection. The major products are Radio controlled, electronic toys. All of our products are of the newest styles with unique functionality. We take great pride in providing high level of quality, competitive price, good backup service to our global loyal customers. With well-equipped factory facilities and excellent Quality Control throughout all stages of production, our goal is to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Our experienced Research & Development team actively expands our product range to meet the ever-changing market trends. OEM and ODM projects are welcome. Honesty, practicality, innovation and seeking high quality standards is our main objective for improvement and perfection of our internal-management. Our goal is "Not only do our best, but also what the customer request" Look forward to establishing long-term and friendly business relation with the global customers As a trading company we want to be in a position where we can always offer our customers the right products in the required quality and at competitive terms. This is why we work with selected manufacturers from all over the world. We consider qualified, innovative and flexible manufacturers to be an important factor in our success. Our procurement process is based on professionality, fairness and long-term, successful collaboration. We use it to support and strengthen the potential for development and innovation in our manufacturers and suppliers. One of our strategic procurement goals is to get first-hand knowledge on the global procurement market and to put it to appropriate use. This is why we have our own centralised and systematic procurement market research. Are you interested? Then apply online to become one of our future suppliers, using the questionnaire, or contact the Group's central Sourcing Manager directly. 展开 公司地址:深圳福田区益田路3013号南方国际广场A栋1401-1402 (邮编:518048) 地图 公司官网:www.abc-intl.net

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